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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Environmentaland Makes the Way for Eco Fun

The world's first eco-themed fun park is energizing Hollywood with a unique twist on entertainment.  Environmentaland, operated by Global Inheritance, is conveniently located near major transit stops and freeways and already offers an array of fun-filled eco friendly exhibits in it's beginning.  
About Global Inheritance
Global Inheritance is a non-profit organization, started in 2002, to push the envelope for social change and empower ordinary individuals to make a global difference.  Innovative, fun, and creative programs are the foundation to GI's initiative - ranging from human chess and alternative fuel racing to the TRASHed recycling store and the latest program, Environmentaland.  Global Inheritance currently supports about 15 programs, all focusing on building community, educating young people, and improving the planet.
Things to do at Environmentaland
This eco-themed park may not be your idea of a traditional theme park - but is loaded with fun things to do however you look at it.  Roller coasters and thrill rides may see their way into Environmentaland in the future, but the main focus of the park is to inspire visitors with the basics through innovative, simple, and educational fun.  
Environmentaland caters to everyone, every age - including artists, teachers, kids, teens, and pets.  A few of the features and programs already on the agenda are:
  • Energy battle royals;
  • Spin and shake classes;
  • Recycling drives;
  • The energy playground;
  • Recycled paper plane flights;
  • Alternative energy golf carts;
  • And more!
The park will also hold movie nights, including a screening of Earth Days followed by a Q&A session with the film's director, a local art exhibit with a solar-powered concert, and Butthugger fashion week - featuring a clothing drive and recycled design contest.  
GI also invites individuals to participate with Environmentaland's interactive programming.  If you have something to offer, visit the website for the world's first eco theme park for more information and contact details.
Sources and images: Ecorazzi; Global Inheritance

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