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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Luxury Condo + Green Technology + NY = Riverhouse

A geothermal system heats and cools the building. High-efficiency hot water heaters. An onsite escape called the Treehouse Getaway. Situated in Battery Park City, the 264-unit condominium called the Riverhouse offers an array of cutting edge amenities and green technology features. You certainly won't be disappointed if you've chosen this luxury condo as your green sanctuary. Just ask celebrities, like Leonardo Di Caprio, who have already claimed a sustainable space to call their own. From very start of the building process to the extravagant amenities afforded to residents, the Riverhouse certainly makes it much harder to leave the comforts of your home. Just some of the features of the Riverhouse to consider when shopping for a luxury condo in the New York City region, include: Eco-Friendly Building Process: Built from non-pollutant materials and relying on solar-powered energy, the Riverhouse also supported local products to decrease fuel consumption. Photovoltaic Cells: Following the Sun's path as it travels across the sky, photovoltaic cells supply electricity to the elevators and utilities of the Riverhouse. Water Recycling: Separate plumbing lines makes the most out of the condo's water use. "Gray water" (from baths, showers and kitchens) is reused in the gardens. "Black water" is treated and then recycled. Triple-Pane Window System: An all-weather dream, the space between the innermost and middle panes provides vented cool air circulation during warm days. To prepare for a winter in New York, the vent closes and the space between the panes serve as an additional thermal barrier against cold air. Putting Greenery to Good Use: Plants decorate the roof of the condominium, in an effort to naturally reduce the temperature of the building and place less stress on the city's sewer system by capturing rainwater and putting it to good use. Hanging Out: The Billiards Room allows friendly games between residents to take place. Shoot a little 8-Ball or challenge your neighbor to a chess match – all while surrounded by gorgeous, spacious views. Indoor 50' Lap Pool: Enjoy less-irritating waters. With ultraviolet light killing bacteria, the Riverhouse has reduced its need to use harsh chemicals, like chlorine. 5 Things to Do at the Riverhouse The Riverhouse makes it convenient for busy, on-the-go New Yorkers to find time to accomplish a range of activities without ever having to travel across town or step outside the coziness of their residence.
  • Check your email at the media café
  • Sculpt rock-hard abs at the fitness center
  • Center yourself at the yoga studio
  • Pamper resident pooches at the dog spa
  • Let the kids burn off excess energy at the children's playroom
Average Price: One-bedroom ($835,000) Five-bedroom ($8 million) Image Credits: The Riverhouse

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