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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hollywood Makeup Secrets – Organic Wear

Looking for makeup that is both good for your skin and respects the environment in the same breath? Tap into the makeup secrets of Hollywood stars and outfit your cosmetic regimen with Organic wear by Physicians Formula. As the first ECOCERT® certified organic line of makeup in the United States, Organic wear uses all-natural ingredients and embraces other eco-conscious business practices, such as patent-pending paper compacts using 93% less plastic than traditional compacts. From lip-defining glosses to all-natural concealers, a multitude of innovative and striking products decorate the Organic wear line. Use the eco-friendly, 100% natural products to satisfy your eyes, lips, and face beauty needs. Examples include: 100% Natural Origin Pressed Powder Build light to medium coverage with two shades of the finest Italian powders that offer an impressively natural finish. The face powder uses 15% certified organic ingredients, such as cornstarch and jojoba seed oil to moisturize the skin. Available in nine different shades, the powder comes with a natural goat hair brush and convenient mirror. Other natural options for the face include:
  • Loose Powder: Use the unique sifter lid to enjoy application without the extra mess. Apply the loose powder with the help of a natural kabuki brush. Certified organic ingredients include safflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, and cornstarch.
  • Face Sculpting Trio: Customize your look with a multi-colored powder that helps smooth over skin tone and achieve radiant, healthy-looking skin. Enjoy flexibility with the option to highlight, sculpt, or contour the face.
  • Bronzer: Two shades of powder blend together to produce the glow of a natural tan – formulated with 15% certified organic ingredients. Available in six shades, use the natural goat hair brush and mirror to perfect your look.
100% Natural Origin Mascara and Eye Shadow Duo For some people, it's all in the eyes. One look with lashes dressed in Organic wear mascara and you've hooked the attention of those you speak to. With a cutting-edge Natural Origin formula, choose mascara comprised of pure ingredients that pack the power of 5x Lash Boosting for enhanced lash length, volume, and natural definition. A 100% recyclable eco-brush uses ultra-soft plastic bristles to apply a product completely free of harsh chemicals, synthetic preservatives, parabens, and dyes. Use the 100% Natural Origin Eye Shadow Duo to make your natural eye color pop. The lighter shade highlights, while the deeper shape works on definition and contouring the eyes. Organic ingredients, such as cornstarch, mica, and jojoba seed oil illuminate the eyes in your choice of Brown, Hazel, Blue, or Green. 100% Natural Origin Liquid Foundation SPF 15 Step out into the sun with confidence, knowing that your liquid foundation is protecting your best interests with the good of the environment in mind. The lightweight formula not only creates light to medium coverage for a smooth and natural finish, but also provides hydration to the skin. Rejuvenate the moisture balance of your skin with organic orange water. Tone and firm your face with natural tree fern extracts. 100% Natural Origin Superfruit Lip Gloss Looking for healthy, kissable lips? The 100% natural formula of Superfruit Lip Gloss moisturizes and nourishes your smile with dazzling color. The Organic wear Superfruit Blend uses Goji Berry, Noni, Açai and Pomegranate extracts to soften and tone. This product is 31.5% organic and filled with essential vitamins and antioxidants. Choose from Pink, Sheen, Berry, Ginger, Rose, and Spice. 100% Natural Origin Facial Makeup Remover Towelettes At the end of the day, treat your tired face to naturally soft towelettes that gently wash away your makeup and other unwanted elements that you've picked up throughout the day. Condition the skin with a gentle formula infused with organic aloe vera extract. Allow the Eco-Aroma Therapy™ to pamper your skin with natural antioxidants, organic lavender essential oil, and organic orange water. About Physicians Formula Thanks to Physicians Formula (a Hollywood favorite for the past 10 years), Organic wear is a high-quality answer to preserving your skin and the environment at the same time. The company has made a commitment to providing healthier alternatives for living green and looking fabulous all at once. To browse additional products in the Organic Wear line, visit their main website. Image Credits: Organic Wear

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