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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Siblings Seal Reclaimed Wood Deal for Great Furniture and Accessories

Brother and sister team of Aaron and Megan Pahmier have put their art and carpentry talents together and created a company called Kindling. Working mainly with recycled bits of wood, they make small but graceful pieces that are unique enough to draw the eye in any interior layout. Aaron's carpentry work for Green Sawn, a locally sourced furniture making company, provides the scrap wood needed to make these vases, picture holders, and little votive candle holders. At the moment, the best place to buy their work is through etsy, where you can purchase as many natural faceted wooden rocks and log votive holders as your recylced fir and maple coffee table can handle. The little wooden rocks accessorize perfectly. Aaron's designs recognize the utility and limits of using old framing lumber to create benches, or resurrecting high school bleacher seats retooled into dining room tables. All of the wood is sourced locally and finished products are intended to showcase the life cycle of wood and bring forth furniture with a story to tell. Megan's holders build directly out of her art, which is sculptural, abstract, but full of natural references, like flattened football fields viewed from above, and other aerial landscapes of human and natural design.

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