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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Julia Stiles Spoofs for a Good Cause

At first glance, the video may seem a bit careless and not super funny. Julia Stiles is being interviewed about her new 100% eco-friendly fashion line, featuring such gems as '10 Shirts I Love About You,' 'A Guy's Thing,' and 'Save the Last Shants.'
  • The first fashion masterpiece, '10 Shirts I Love About You,' consists of ten different vintage shirts which have been sliced up and put together to create an 'entirely new design.'
  • 'A Guy's Thing' is a spiffy suit created from newspapers and finished with a Swiffer pad tie, which shouldn't be worn during sports or in the rain.
  • The last design, 'Shants' features a shirt that can be used as a pair of pants, with the tie doubling as a funky belt.
Of course, the entire video is a joke, and while it may have some online communities bristling, one fabulous element shines through. When those who appreciate the video visit the website to 'purchase' the clothing, they will find a link to The Lunchbox Fund, and a polite note saying that all of the Styles by Stiles is sold out and that the star would like you to give back in another way. The Lunchbox Fund is an organization that feeds impoverished children in the township schools of Alexandra and Soweto. In fact, the meals these kids receive from The Lunchbox Fund is typically the only meal they get for the day. Many of these kids are AIDS orphans, and getting the free foods is motivation for staying in school. This also reduces the chances of these kids contracting AIDS, becoming pregnant or facing abuse. The Lunchbox Fund can feed an entire school of kids for a year on just $8,000, and is certainly a worthy cause. So, while the video may offend many, some argue that it's a positive thing - bringing attention to this charity and these children. For those who were honestly hoping Julia would be introducing a real eco-friendly clothing line, there are plenty of eco-friendly luxuries available from other leading Hollywood ladies and gentlemen.
  • Gwyneth Paltrow's new line, 'ZOEtees loves Gwyneth Paltrow' launches in Fall of '09, with proceeds benefiting the London's Kids Companies.
  • Alicia Silverstone is partnering with EcoTools to bring you an eco-friendly makeup accessory line, complete with cosmetic bags and brushes. The release is scheduled for the holiday season '09.
  • Pamela Anderson's eco-friendly clothing line, co-created by designer Richie Rich and scheduled to be available at some point this summer.
  • EDUN, the organic and eco-friendly clothing company created by Bono and Ali Hewson, features great graphic tees, dressy clothing and more - for men, women, and kids.
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