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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Nolcha Fashion Week 09

Between September 14th and 18th at the Carlton Hotel in New York, certain individuals will get a delicious preview from several eco-friendly designers. Nolcha Fashion week runs during New York Fashion Week, and will showcase fair trade and eco-friendly designers that are top-notch. Some designers have been chosen from Bel Esprit, an online fashion show where individuals can submit their designs day and night, getting them in the public eye for feedback and suggestions. This year, eight designers have been chosen - from the US, the UK, the Netherlands, Germany and France. This year, eighteen 'ethical' designers altogether will be bringing their pieces out for show and tell. Designers: There are some amazing designers on the list for this year's Nolcha Fashion Show. Moonlight Jewelry is one of them, a designer that uses recycled sterling silver jewelry to create beautiful, whimsical pieces. An interesting thing to note about Moonlight Jewelry is that their pieces were chosen for a gift for presenters and nominees of the 2008 Emmy Awards. Once you see their designs, you'll understand why. They're elegant and feminine, and can be paired with nearly any style of clothing. Each year, Moonlight Jewelry selects and presents an eco-friendly charity with 10% of their profits. Rene Geneva Design will also be showing their stuff, which is organic clothing for women. They specialize in gorgeous tops, elegant dresses, bridal wear, and more. This company works only with eco-friendly and organic materials for their clothing, and are part of several eco-friendly organizations designed to help bring eco-fashion to the mainstream. Rene Geneva holds social and environmental responsibility very high on her list, and it reflects in her gorgeous clothing. Van Markoviec is another designer that has been chosen, specifically for his rich, luscious designs and his commitment to using only eco-friendly fabrics and materials. With soft, beautiful colors, Van Markoviec creates flowing pieces that are very feminine and attractive. From suit-style skirts to flowing pantsuits to delicious little party dresses, Markoviec is a designer worth giving a second glance. Important Information For the 14th, brand previews will occur between Noon and 6pm, with a cocktail party following at 7pm at the Carlton Hotel on 29th Street. Individuals can register by visiting here and getting the RSVP code, as well as the remainder of the week's schedule. The sponsors of this year's Nolcha Fashion Week include Clarins, Edun Live, Paul Mitchell, Starbucks, the New York Sports Club, Coca-Cola, Avida, the Carlton, and many other huge names. Photos Courtesy of

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