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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Protect Your Kids This School Year: Eco-Friendly Hand Sanitizer Hits the Market

Back-to-school means new friends, new clothes, and plenty of germs.  Parents are more concerned than ever about those germs as children are once again faced with the risk of Swine Flu.  Most school systems have integrated regular use of hand sanitizer in the classroom, while also encouraging frequent hand washing, but Prefense Botanicals is easing the minds of parents and teachers with their latest eco-friendly product.
Typical Hand Sanitizers
Most of the sanitizers currently available are alcohol-based solutions.  A concentration of at least 60% is required to effectively remove bacteria.  Most brands of hand sanitizer kill germs and bacteria, but may not ward off viruses like those that cause Swine Flu.  Studies have found that sanitizing alone is not nearly as effective at preventing sickness as good, old-fashioned hand washing.  In fact, visible dirt and grime or bodily fluids require washing with soap and water first.
Other problems with typical hand sanitizers include:
  • Dry skin from frequent use;
  • Alcohol poisoning from ingestion by young children;
  • Limited effectiveness - most sanitizers only work for less than a minute.
A Safer Solution to Sanitizing
Prefense Botanicals has introduced a non-toxic, alcohol-free alternative to hand sanitizing and germ prevention.  Best of all - one application lasts all day, through up to 10 hand washings, and protects against viruses like Swine Flu.  The product features a patented silicone-based formula that forms a barrier on the skin, preventing the transfer or penetration of disease causing germs.  The ingredients are water-based, rather than alcohol, so the hand sanitizer is non-flammable and harmless if ingested.  
Where to Find Prefenz 
With a price tag of just $8.99 plus shipping, you may want to order a bottle of Prefense Botanicals hand sanitizer for home as well as your child's classroom.  Purchase online at the Prefenz website or look for Prefense in stores in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  

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