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Monday, September 7, 2009

Eco-Friendly Printer: Tea or Coffee?

There are a lot of great things used coffee grounds are good for, from composting to dying fabric and more. The eco-friendly RiTi printer would create another use for them, as a substitution for ink. Printers and ink cartridges are a major concern for those who are environmentally responsible and the RiTi is an amazing concept. The printer not only uses no ink - it uses no electricity for the actual printing process...something never before seen. The RiTi was featured in the Greener Gadgets design competition, and rather than purchasing an ink cartridge, you simply toss in your used coffee grounds. When you're ready to print, you fill the chamber with the coffee grounds and then manually slide the ink case left and right so that the printer creates the image you want! The creator of the RiTi printer, Jeon Hwan Ju took a serious issue and solved it! If the RiTi printer prototype can be perfected and actually purchased by consumers, the concern over ink cartridges sitting in landfills can be gone. Until then, for those of you who need to dispose of your ink cartridges, check out the Castle Ink recycling program or the Recycle for Charity program. While Green Connoisseurs are waiting and hoping that they do make the RiTi printer available for general purchase, there are alternatives. The HP Eco-Friendly Energy Star Color Deskjet Printer uses up to 40% less energy than other printers in its league. It's made from 83% recycled plastic material and the fitting cartridges are made from 60% recycled material. Look for printers with the Energy Star logo, and shop from companies you trust to bring you eco-friendly and green products.

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