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Friday, September 11, 2009

Brighten Your World and Your Walls with Bungaloo Color Liquid

Eco-friendly paint gets a makeover with expressive, personalized color liquids from Bungaloo.   Eighty vivid shades of VOC-free color make Bungaloo the perfect choice for any room, any mood, and any style.  Bungaloo color liquids are more than paint - they're fun reflections of living.
Color with a Cause
Bungaloo isn't your typical paint shop.  The new company operates online and offers a unique collection of designer-selected colors to make redecorating convenient and fun.  The entire paint shopping process can be done online, directly through the website - including browsing colors, customizing your rooms, requesting samples, and purchasing your selection.
Bungaloo is much more than a paint supplier, however.  They are making a difference and re-coloring the world by bringing their vivid hues to a variety of events in fabulous ways.  Caltopia at Berkley University was the location of Bungaloo's most recent appearance, where thousands of students showed their artistic flair on a huge canvas tree.  The first 1,000 participants were rewarded with a donation on their behalf to Seed Our Future.
Choose Your Color Mood
From mellow and sophisticated to global and fun, Bungaloo has a color that suits every interior - and probably a color with your name on it!  Unleash your creativity with a vivid pink called Danielle or relax with baby blue Tyler, every shade carries it's own personalized name and shatters the traditional color mold for homes.  
Besides offering an array of exciting colors, Bungaloo's color liquids are all non-toxic and VOC free - making it one of the most eco-friendly paints available.  Ordering is just as easy as choosing your colors.  Select a kit that is customized for the exact size of your space (minimizing waste) or buy a bottle, available in 2 different sizes.  
Bungaloo prices range from $13.99 for a 40 ounce container to $119.95 for an extra-large room kit, including wall and trim paint.  Ground shipping is just $5 and the ordering process is fun and simple.  Visit My Bungaloo to see for yourself!
Images from Bungaloo

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