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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Vintage Wedding Gowns: A Plethora of Styles and Options

You're a bride-to-be planning a vintage wedding, and eco-friendly is a must for you. While you could opt for a reproduction created from organic or sustainable materials, why not take the extra step to wear an authentic gown? Re-using vintage gowns is a wonderful way to 'green' your wedding, and there are a multitude of choices available. Check out out the beautiful and elegant choices below, brought to you by The Victorian Style Wedding You're a hopeless romantic and can recite Tennyson poetry by heart. You've read and re-read the Brontë sisters and while you may not be getting married on 'the moors,' you want nothing more than to bring some of that time period into your special day. This beautiful gown (right) from the Victorian era will bring just the right amount of elegance and style to your wedding. Created from lightweight silk, the dress is trimmed with rows and rows of pleats, as well as dangling pearl beads. Throw in the tea, truffles, and the Victorian tradition of the bridesmaids pulling charms from the cake and you're good to go! Gown Price Tag: $1050 1920's Wedding You're a saucy, independent woman who is bold enough to take whatever risks she wants and still look elegant while doing so. You adore the sensual jazz music of the Flapper era, with the moaning saxophones and fresh rhythms. Gentlemen Prefer Blondes is one of your favorite novels. For your wedding, you want all of the style, sophistication and boldness of the 1920's. This Flapper era dress (left) is an original Sally Milgrim sleeveless crepe gown. The bodice is studded with shimmering beads in a diamond pattern, and the sweeping skirt is swag pleated. Known for her rich dress designs and her prominent clientele, Milgrim was well-known in this time period. In fact, she designed the inaugural gown for Eleanor Roosevelt. Recreate a 1920's dance hall for the reception, get your hands on a replica phonograph and decorate with faux ostrich feathers! Gown Price Tag: $2200 Mid-Century Style Wedding You love the Flamingos and Richie Valens. You'd love for you and your soon-to-be groom to drive away toward your honeymoon in a 1954 Skyliner. Jackson Pollock is one of your favorite artists of all time, and you feel you should have been born in this hopping, carefree time. This beautiful Elizabeth Arden dress (right) reflects all of these things and more. Made from silk-chiffon, this dress is draped and gathered perfectly to create an elegant, gorgeous style. The waistband features a beautiful sequin and bead design, with larger pearl beads dripping down in a charming fashion. The gown is simple enough to allow you to wear gorgeous mid-century style jewelry, but rich enough to shine even if you wear no jewelry at all. Gown Price Tag: $3300 While these are only three beautiful vintage gowns, it's easy to see that there are many different options when it comes to a vintage themed wedding. Creating an authentic vintage style wedding is easy with a little research and can be really fun. Check out more of's vintage dresses, especially their bridal line here. Photo Credits:

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