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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Zocalo Cafe: Community, Earth-Minded Coffeehouse

Here’s a concept – build a planet-friendly coffee shop that strengthens community ties and serves up in-house roasted brews and specialty teas. You might say it's been done before, but does it compare to the Zocalo Coffeehouse – the only certified green café in San Leandro, California? This independent, locally owned establishment and roastery is open 365 days a year, standing by a commitment that the people and planet come before the product. Green Efforts The green efforts of Zocalo begin with choices to reduce the coffeehouse's impact on the environment. Beyond embracing recycled-content paper goods, coffeehouse employees take great strides to recycle their organic, plastic, glass, metal, and paper waste. In the bathroom, motion-detection lighting saves energy, while low-flow toilets and faucet aerators conserve water. The home-office runs on solar power and the coffeehouse gets from point A to point B using a hybrid vehicle. Additionally, the "walkable" location of the coffeehouse encourages less congestion and pollution, as it is situated in a convenient downtown setting. To reduce the use of plastic bottled water, tap water is offered to patrons for free. Order a serving of organically grown, fair trade coffee and it's served in organically recyclable corn-based "plastic" cups. You may also take advantage of a 10-cent discount offered to coffee drinkers who use their own or reuse a Zocalo cup. Exotic Edibles and Drinkables While the majority of coffeeshops offer muffins, bagels and exotic pastries to accompany their Mocha Javas and Double Shot Espressos, Zocalo Café additionally presents a selection of healthier options, such as ginger drinks, Moroccan hummus, and plantain chips from Soleil's African Kitchen. With an SFGate Drink of the Week already under the belt, you'll enjoy the Mango Ginger, Passionfruit Ginger, Hibiscus, and Ginger Lemonade offered at Zocalo. Rent the Coffeehouse When planning an evening event, Zocalo Coffeehouse offers their space for your festivities and special occasions. Providing safe and clean surroundings, plan your next surprise birthday party, formal dinner, or company fundraiser at Zocalo. Events start as early as 7pm and can run as late as 11pm with complimentary brewed coffee. For the Community Stepping inside Zocalo is like visiting a relative. The atmosphere produces a positive energy with plenty of inviting features to take advantage of. The family-friendly kids play area allows parents to unwind, while their kiddies unwind. The baby changing station in the restroom is prepared for life's natural interruptions. Check your email or conduct research surrounded by the scent of fresh coffee with the complimentary wireless Internet access. Stay competitive at the game table or simply browse the selection of magazines available for reading. Zocalo also hosts and participates in annual community events, such as the Halloween Safe Streets Safe Treat; local author book signings; the yearly Annual Arts & Crafts Fundraiser; and the San Leandro Cherry Festival. The coffeehouse also presents the San Leandro Community Action Network's Monthly Film Series. And last but not least, what coffeehouse provides their patrons with a JavaGym? This space offers classes for the community, ranging from Spinning, Pilates and Kickboxing to the Spanish Language for Kids. No wonder the café earned SFGate Best Coffee Shop in Bay Area in 2008. If you live in the region or plan on stopping by the neighborhood, don't forget to indulge in the luxury of community-centered brews at: Zocalo Coffeehouse 645 Bancroft Ave (at Dutton Ave) San Leandro CA 94577 (510) 569-0102 Hours Monday-Friday (6am to 6pm) Saturdays (7am to 6pm) Sundays (8am to 6pm) Image Credits: Zocalo

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Great blog.. thanks so much for the can feature your services/products on the San-leandro community, classifieds section.

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