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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s...Furniture?

That’s right. Recycling has reached new heights with MotoArt’s designer furniture and sculptures, all made with recycled airplane parts. Air travel is, unfortunately, one of the highest greenhouse gas emitting actions one comes across in daily life. The idea that something from an airplane can be sustainable, therefore, is in some ways really revolutionary. Whether looking for a showstopper for the office, bedroom, or as a gift, these incredible pieces are a stylish and interesting way to show off your eco-consciousness. Why Planes? The origins of MotoArt are in 1950s and the commercialization of air-travel. As a young boy in this era, Donovan Fell III, one of MotoArt’s founding artists, was mesmerized by airplanes. As he grew up, he became a builder and a sculptor when, in 1998, he happened upon a collection of airplane parts en route to becoming scrap metal. He realized that he could not let this obsession from the past be melted down, so he purchased several hundred pounds of old planes. This is how the objects made by MotoArt came to be. While their tagline is “Own a Piece of Aviation History,” their message also promotes sustainability and creativity in a very unlikely way. Office MotoArt has created some of the most interesting pieces you will ever see. With their combination of aerodynamics, strong materials, and practical uses, MotoArt’s designs juxtapose the mechanical with the comfort and luxury needed in everyday life. Their office pieces include this fascinating credenza made from the aileron and damper valve of two different aircrafts. The damper valve and aileron, which are the flaps located on the wings, are two of the most utilitarian parts of the flying mechanism. This piece also uses aluminum laminate, wood cabinetry, and polished glass to make a functional and attractive credenza. Another office gem is the Aileron Conference Table. This incredible table is made of two ailerons while the legs are made of bamboo and recycled aluminum frames. This chic table is a great way to both green a conference room and make a bold style statement. Home If your household is one with pets, perhaps a fishbowl built into an old MK-84 bomb is the piece for you. This Aqua Bomb is certainly a conversation starter and an innovative way to think of a former weapon of war. If a more conventional piece is what you seek, the L1011 Spinner Table, made from the spinner of a jet has a beautiful look. It’s hard to believe this table is made from pieces of propellers as the MotoArtists have created something extremely chic and functional. This table is even self-illuminated from the bottom to assist the user and to really show off the innovation. From the Sky to You While started by only two men, MotoArt is now an international business with locations in California, Maryland, Italy, Jordan, and Hong Kong. They have showrooms in most of these locations and are happy to ship to you from their nearest store. Their unique pieces are a part of the history of aviation, a creative continuation to the story of recycling, and a functional way to really make a statement. With MotoArt, " airplane sustainability" is no longer an oxymoron. Image Credits: MotoArt

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