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Monday, September 28, 2009

A Greener Computer World

From checking your email to conducting a background check on your neighbors, computers and the Internet have become essential tools in this day and age. According to the Center for the Digital Future at USC’s Annenberg School for Communication, more than eight in ten Americans go online and about 24% of American households have at least three computers. That's a lot of plastic, energy, and wasteful materials if you don't embrace a greener computer world. Thankfully, the technology of today, forward-thinking inventors, and eco-minded businesses have accepted the challenge to use less energy, build more efficient products, and supply computer users with planet-friendly options. A few examples include: LG Electronics Eco-Luxe Monitor Take a gander at the seductively slim style of the LG W86 – the latest in the company's designer series of monitors. Helping users outfit their home or office with an attractive design, LG provides advanced picture quality, power saving LED backlight, and an ultra-convenient size. With hints of ruby red and gold, even the external controls look regal. Additional controls remain hidden below the bezel and only become apparent when a hand comes close – to which they emit a soft red glow. The W86 uses on the average 40% less power than normal CCFL monitors. The product also contains no mercury. Consumers will be able to choose from 22-inch 16:10 and 24-inch 16:9 models, complete with Full HD 1080p resolution and 2ms response time. Two HDMI ports allow users to take full advantage of the ultimate level of picture quality when pairing the monitor with computers, game consoles, and Blu-ray devices. Imagine a widescreen movie with no black bars – just pure color and striking imagery. The W86 will make its first appearance to the public during Gitex 2009, which takes place this October. Dell Bamboo Eco-Computer The sleek design of the eco-inspired Dell computer with bamboo casing is 81% smaller than a standard desktop and uses 70% less energy. Enhancing the overall package, the computer also utilizes recycled materials, such as milk jugs, detergent cases, and old bottles, in its construction. While the CEO of Dell revealed the bamboo eco-computer at the 2008 Fortune Green conference, the concept remains nameless, but is slated to hit the market with a price tag between $500 and $700. Bamboo Computer Accessories With an assortment of eye-catching, computer accessories, Micro Innovations uses the luxurious appeal of bamboo to offer sustainable computing equipment. Sorry, but these 2.0-channel speakers, card readers, 1.3 Megapixel webcams, 4-port USB hubs, and keyboards almost look too pretty to put through my everyday PC wear and tear. What's all the fuss about bamboo? This natural resource is harvested and replenished with close to no impact on the environment. Helping to place a dent in our global warming woes, bamboo also contributes to the reduction of carbon dioxide gases in the world. When compared to the majority of soft and hardwoods, bamboo harvesting can take place within 3 to 5 years, as opposed to 10 to 50 years. Greenhouse Gadget Add a little color and life to your workplace surroundings. Gardening enthusiasts to gadget geeks will certainly enjoy the eco-gadget dubbed the Ultimate Office Plant, which allows you to power your own mini-greenhouse with the help of a USB plug. An adjustable growth light works with your computer to monitor the progress and health of plants. Your office gardening kit comes with a USB powered mini greenhouse, marigold seeds, artificial soil, user manual, and software CD. Image Credits: earth2tech (Dell bamboo), Micro Innovations, Gadget Shop

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Blogger Andy said...

Whoa, those are some great products! They're both beautifully designed and environmentally responsible. There's an awesome service called Microsoft Office Live Workspace. This is an online collaboration and storage tool that can help households and companies cut down on paper! It's another great way to go green!

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9/28/2009 06:40:00 PM  

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