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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chocolate Has Never Been So Divine

Chocolate is one of life’s simple pleasures. While the luxurious storefronts of Godiva and Ghirardelli showcase some decadent and delightful treats, there are other companies that take a different approach. Introducing Divine Chocolates. This is a direct chocolate company: the farmers in Ghana who grow the cocoa own a large percentage of the company and are active decision-makers about large-scale operations. Divine Organization In the 1990s, a group of farmers in Ghana pooled together and set up a farmers’ co-op, Kuapa Kokoo. This co-op managed the selling of the cocoa and empowered the farmers by giving them direct control of their situation. By using honest practices, Kuapa Kokoo was able to attract a large membership. They were also able to gain fair trade certification, ensuring better returns for their farmers. In 1997, the members of Kuapa Kokoo decided to take even more control over their situation and voted to create their own chocolate company. With the investment of several socially responsible organizations, Divine Chocolates was created. As owners, the farmers have input into the sale and production of the final product. For the farmers and owners in Ghana, the fair trade benefits as well as the success that Divine Chocolates has had has meant a great amount of money has been able to build schools, sink wells, provide medical care, and improve the condition for women. The Products Divine Chocolates specializes in delicious chocolates for any occasion. They offer a selection of dark, milk, and white chocolate with a variety of different fillings and flavorings. There are also smaller crunch bars as well as toffee bars. For those of you searching for a decadent flavor, try the White Chocolate with Strawberries. For a heartier bar, check out the Fruit and Nut Dark Chocolate. Opportunities If you want to enjoy some delicious treats and support an environmental and socially responsible organization, there are many opportunities. Beyond ordering chocolate for your personal enjoyment, Divine Chocolates sell tubs of 200 mini bars to be used as party favors or incorporated in a beautiful centerpiece. Divine Chocolates also makes it easy for you if you choose to host a fundraiser or create a lesson plan to teach about fair trade in the classroom. Check out their website, look for them in your local store, or at an event across the country or in the UK. Image Credit: Divine Chocolates

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