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Saturday, October 3, 2009

What a Well-Dressed Eco-Conscious Man Wears…

From hemp suit jackets and non-silk ties, an increasing number of men are exploring the constantly evolving selection of eco-friendly business attire and casual dressy ensembles. Let's take the shirt, jacket, and vest pictured above. Comprised of organically grown European hemp, this look is just one of the business and wedding wear options for men offered at Rawganique. Other choices for the well-dressed eco-conscious man include: Recycled Business Suits The eco-conscious man looking to dazzle at business meetings or make a decent first impression on a blind date may consider the selections at Bagir – a United Kingdom company that employs three different approaches to planet-friendly clothing:
  • EcoGir Recycled suits are made from 100% recycled PET bottles, which help to lower the number of old bottles that end up cluttering landfills.
  • With EcoGir Washables, limit the amount of CO2 and conserve water by embracing these machine-washing suits.
  • Grown without the use of harmful chemicals or pesticides, EcoGir Organic suit jackets are 100% organic cotton.
Stores, like JCPenny, Casual Male Big and Tall, Brooks Brothers, The Limited, and Express, are known to carry Bagir. In the near future, look forward to Sears partnering with Teijin Fibers Limited to produce men's suits using recycled plastic bottles, wool, and polyester fibers. Fully machine washable and dryable, manufacturers will use about 25 polyethylene terephthalate (2-liter) bottles to generate enough polyester fiber to make one set of jacket and pants. Next, you can pair your suit with an eco-friendly tie, such as the Crow Clothing Men's Tie, which offers one-of-a kind patterns with off-kilter stitching and fun asymmetrical points. Hand-stitched, this one size fits all option comes in gray (97% organic cotton, 3% spandex) and black (100% organic cotton). Jaan J Non-Silk, Vegan Ties A good tie has the power to transform a casual looker into a fellow who 'cleans up pretty well.' With non-silk classic ties and eye-catching ascot ties, Jaan J produces pieces perfect for making a statement and decorating the upper body with luxurious elegance. The company produces non-silk tie patterns in crisscross, dotted, floral, stripes, solids, and geometric designs. Shown is the Southern Spain Summer Tie ($110), which also comes in a pink, light blue, and white color combination. The eco-friendly efforts, as well as the extensive variety of color and styles of Jaan J have earned a PETA Proggy Award in 2008. Recycled Cufflinks In the past, I've highlighted recycled cufflinks by Ward Wallau, but the well-dressed eco-man will also appreciate Jen Roder's work – a Philadelphia-based artist who creates each pair of Rotorcaps cufflinks out of recycled bottle caps and sterling silver. From Rolling Rock beer bottle caps to the Blue Moon design shown here, Roder allows men to display their personality while staying true to their green state of mind. Eco-Friendly Footwear for Men The world of eco-friendly dress shoes and other green footwear for men is expanding with choices in bamboo, hemp, recycled content, and natural rubber. For example, Clarks EcoSteps Wallabees uses renewable and recycled raw materials to create natural, eco-friendly leather. The lining consists of coconut hair – an ultra-renewable resource with nearly no impact on the environment. For a more dapper look, the French-made Mephisto Daciano oxford may cost $517, but the round bicycle toe, chic detail, and 100% natural rubber outsole provides a comfortable, shock-absorbing fit. Image Credits: Rawganique, Jaan J

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