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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Arrive in Style with an Eco-Friendly Chauffeur Service

Whether you're due to arrive at an exciting party or you're spending the night on the town - luxury and environmental concern go hand in hand with these eco-friendly chauffeur services! OZOcar Jordan Harris, a co-owner of OZOcar, originally got the idea for a fleet of stylish and more environmentally friendly vehicles in 2002. He launched 'Green Car to the Red Carpet,' a campaign that was designed to convince celebrities to think twice when booking their transportation to special events. Rather than taking the usual stretch limos, he urged these celebs to choose transportation that was less harsh on the environment. He partnered with Roo Rogers, who was equally concerned about the planet and carbon emissions - and the result was a fleet of cars that were more environmentally friendly while providing luxury and style - OZOcar. Featured in major publications and media like CNN, Vanity Fair, The New York Times and Travel and Leisure - OZOcar has certainly been making waves. OZOcar is based in New York, but Roo and Jordan have plans to expand the company in order to make environmentally friendly and luxurious transportation choices available to a larger clientele base. The fleet is made up of predominately Toyota and Lexus hybrids, with the default car being a Prius. Clients enjoy high speed wireless internet and Sirius satellite radio in OZOcar vehicles, as well as the Apple iBook - present in every vehicle - and a complementary welcome pack featuring natural treats and amenities. EcoLimo Across the country, based in Los Angeles, EcoLimo provides a similar service. Founded by Y. Fray, these natural gas and hybrid vehicles have become the best option for celebrities heading out to red carpet events. In fact, High School Musical star Zac Efron made headlines when he chose EcoLimo to get him to the 2007 Teen Choice Awards. The green transportation's client list is long and impressive - from Charlize Theron and Leo DiCaprio to Steven Spielburg and Laurie David. EcoLimo now has offices in both Washington DC and Las Vegas, so individuals in those areas have an excellent choice when they need to show up in style but don't want to compromise their concern and care about the environment. EcoLimo's fleet features the Toyota Prius, as well as Chevy Suburbans that have been modified to run on compressed natural gas. Before heading out to your next big event, consider your transportation choice and give one of the above companies a call. Eco-friendly and luxury - it's what we love! Photo Credits:,,,

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