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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Salt of the Earth

HimalaSalt, a pink, naturally mineral-rich salt sustainably sourced in the Himalayas really is the salt of the earth, or more literally, the salt of the ancient, pre-historic sea. This salt, which has been hidden in the remote mountains of Asia for thousands of years, contains all the healthy trace elements naturally present in sea salt, but none of the pollutants found in modern oceans. In addition, it's ethically processed, avoiding the child labor practices and dynamite explosions sometimes used by businesses that harvest salt in the area, and powered completely by wind energy.

Sustainable Sourcing is a company dedicated to sustainable, ethical, and high quality goods for the highest standard of living. Currently, offerings include an amazing array of products made from HimalaSalt and organic gourmet peppers. In addition to table salt (choose from shakers, grinders, or bricks with microplane graters), you can select hand-carved bowls, sushi plates, massage stones, or scented bath salts made from this beautiful and unique material. Several different gift boxes are also available, featuring gourmet salt and pepper assortments in beautiful, sustainable wooden packaging.

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