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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Singita Game Reserves

As the weather grows cooler, it's increasingly tempting to daydream about escaping to warmer climates. If you're interested in such an escape, any one of the Singita Game Reserves, located South Africa, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, would certainly make an appealing destination.

The lodges vary in terms of specific accommodations and amenities. For example, some are permanent architectural sites, while others are luxury tent villages. However, all Singita lodges share a commitment to luxury and excellence that's apparent down to the smallest detail. All the lodges also depend heavily on natural beauty, with design that blends seamlessly into the landscape, and prime locations in majestic wilderness areas.

Environmentally minded travelers can breathe easy at Singita, knowing that the reserves take a significant interest in having a positive impact. Again, specific programs vary by location, but generally include a commitment to conservation, environmental education, and a socially responsible business model that supports and employs members of the local community. Individual guests can offset the carbon footprints of their travel by purchasing trees and plants from local nurseries, or contributing to any number of local projects, from wildlife reintroduction to scholarships for local youth.

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