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Friday, October 23, 2009

Sugar Sweet Baby – Bamboo Baby Wraps

Sheltering your little one with soft, lightweight material, Sugar Sweet Baby combines fashionably decorative panels with eco-friendly and ultra-versatile bamboo fabric. Parents may choose from an assortment of colorful, enriching patterns with the option of customization that accommodates a variety of concerns, from ample busts to figures larger than size 14. Take a look at the site and you'll see that it's pretty hard to settle on just one Sugar Sweet Baby Wrap. Baby Wrap Instructions If you think using a bamboo wrap is intimidating, Sugar Sweet Baby conveniently shares detailed step-by-step instructions with accompanying photos to quickly settle any fears. They additionally provide videos and links to other resources, including information on tying wraps for front carries and baby removal from front wraps. Benefits of Baby Wearing The emotional and physical impact of baby wearing produces happier infants, as the ability to feel, smell, and hear parents lead to a calmer child. Other advantages associated with baby wearing include enhanced milk production for breastfeeding mothers, longer naptime, improved digestion, and soothing effects on colicky babes. Last but not least – replace the feeling of your bouncing baby boy or girl weighing down your arms with the hands-free convenience of a bamboo wrap. A true lifesaver for parents toting more than one child. What's So Special About Bamboo Wraps? When it comes to babies, choosing products comprised of eco-friendly materials provides a healthy and comfortable environment for delicate skin. Bamboo fiber is softer than cotton – often mimicking the texture of silk or cashmere. Offering a more breathable choice in fabric, bamboo also keeps the body cooler and drier. Other benefits to choosing bamboo wraps include:
  • No need to worry about allergies – bamboo is hypoallergenic – perfect for the sensitive skin of babies.
  • The environment smiles upon bamboo because no pesticides, insecticides, or fertilizers are necessary in its cultivation – unlike cotton crops, which require a great deal of spraying to preserve plants. In turn, growing bamboo does not contribute to ground and surface water contamination or pose a threat to clean drinking water.
  • Provides UV protection.
  • Bamboo is anti-bacterial and naturally prevents the development of molds, yeasts, and fungus on clothes, much different from other materials that use chemical treatments to produce the same effect.
  • In contrast to synthetic textile fabrics, bamboo is completely biodegradable.
  • Adding to the overall convenience, bamboo wraps are easy to wash and dry. Simply machine wash in cold water on a gentle or delicate cycle; and then tumble dry low.
Image Credits: Sugar Sweet Baby

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