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Saturday, April 11, 2009

2009 New York Auto Show Brings Shades of Green With New Concepts

This weekend marks one of the most important events of the year for car manufacturers, automative dealers, and car enthusiasts around the world.  This year's International Auto Show has a lot in store for the environmentally conscious as well. Along with our green transportation favorites - the amazingly powerful Mercedes BlueTec; the award winning Honda Clarity fuel cell, and, of course, the super-economic Prius - we're seeing plenty of new eco concepts emerging.
This prototype blends the work of GM with the revolutionary design of Segway. The PUMA has room for 2 passengers and features seating rather than the stand-up design of the Segway. The electric motor eliminates fuel dependency and the design would cost half as much as traditional autos to manufacture.  
Giving the sleek Tesla Roadster a bit of competition, the Fisker Sunset is a sporty plug-in hybrid concept.  Production is planned for late 2009 and the curvy convertible will be just slightly more affordable than the Roadster with an $87,000 price tag.
Scion unveiled the sassy micro-subcompact iQ this weekend, featuring 3+1 seating to be more functional than the typical micro car.  The Scion iQ also boasts a smaller carbon footprint than the super-eco Smart Car.  
Images/Sources: Green Car Examiner

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