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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fashionable, Eco-Responsible Doggie Walk Bags

After watching the tearjerker Marley & Me, I needed to fill my mind with positive pooch thoughts. Over the years, we've seen the pet industry increasingly tap into the green market. Businesses are now creating fashionable yet earth-friendly products for everyday occurrences that every dog owner knows all too well. Winning the title of Best New Product at the largest pet products trade show in California – Doggie Walk Bags took the 2009 Luxury Pet Pavilion by storm with their answer to trendy dog waste management. A day at the park. Walking around the block. A lungful of sea air. Who likes to carry around a plastic bag or other noticeable pooper scooper equipment in public? With Doggie Walk Bags, you have the luxury of toting a small designer handbag that conveniently conceals biodegradable waste bags. Doggie Walk Bags measure four inches and look just like your typical pouch or travel pack. An opening at the bottom dispenses disposable waste bags, which come on rolls that neatly fit inside. The option to clip the bag to the leash is also a winner with those who don’t wish to carry around a bag in their hand. A pet owner may choose from a variety of opaque colors and scents to camouflage the contents of the bag. Available scents and colors for Doggie Walk Bags include: Citrus Blend (pink), Floral (reddish pink), Ocean (yellow), Lavender (purple), and Rainforest (green). The company has also taken their 100% biodegradable bags to the streets with Doggy Walk Bag Dispensers, which further encourages pet owners to pick up after their furry companions. Attaching to trashcans, fences, wooden posts, and walls, the dispensers offer an array of attractive colors, from forest green to terra cotta to blue. All in all, it is important to recognize that proper pet waste management:
  • Reduces the health risk to pets, children, and adults
  • Keeps neighborhoods safe and clean
  • Decreases local dog nuisance concerns
  • Promotes cleaner parks and walkways
  • Enhances community pride and pet approval
With an attractive design, well-suited function, and biodegradable features – pet owners will certainly take delight in reducing the carbon paw print of their pooch. If you are interested in purchasing a doggy bag or dispenser for your neighborhood, contact Doggie Walk Bags Company at P.O. Box 228 Balboa Island, California, 92662 or call 1-877-DOG-BAGS. Email your questions and concerns to Image Credits: Doggy Walk Bags

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Blogger Samantha Cummings said...

Oh my goodness! Those are too cute - what a great idea for pet owners!

4/08/2009 11:35:00 AM  

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