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Friday, April 3, 2009

Parducci – The First Carbon Neutral Winery

The next time you toast your wine glass, will the Merlot or Zinfandel you drink come from an earth-friendly establishment? Are they making as many strides in favor of the environment as Parducci Wine Cellars – a California-based, family-farmed business with an impressive commitment to sustainable winegrowing? With many onsite improvements and the help of carbon credits, Parducci is known as the first winery in the United States to successfully reach a carbon neutral status. Thanks to the California Climate Action Registry, Parducci was able to calculate their greenhouse gas emissions, which prompted the changes we now see all around the board. Within three years, the winery and vineyards were outfitted with solar energy features, installed fluorescent lighting, embraced a local tree-planting program, and powered their company vehicles and farm equipment with biodiesel, a cleaner-burning diesel fuel made from natural, renewable sources (like vegetable oils). Earth-Friendly Farming Practices Parducci follows farming practices that produce certified organic, sustainable, and biodynamic results. For example, California Certified Organic Farmers has certified the winery for their synthetic, chemical-free approach towards protecting and cultivating their biodynamic vineyards. Instead, Parducci grapes rely on the power of living organisms and other natural methods of pest control. The winery has also received a Fish Friendly Farming stamp of approval for the restoration of fish and wildlife habitats, as well as improved water quality in vineyards. Non-Toxic Packaging Parducci has even taken their earth-friendly approach in winemaking to include their packaging choices. To help decrease consumer waste and avoid the butchering of forests, 100% post-consumer (New Leaf) and tree-free (Kenaf) papers are used for their stationery, brochures, and all other printed materials. Chlorine-free corrugated cardboard is fashioned into case boxes. Soy-based inks decorate packing cartons and labels. Uncork Parducci Haven't sampled Parducci wine yet? Join the club or order a bottle now. Image Credits: Parducci

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