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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Eco-Friendly and Organic Must-Haves for Your New Baby

In the past, products which combined luxury, safety and a concern for the earth were scarce – especially when it came to baby products. These days it’s much easier to find lavish baby products that are eco-friendly and organic, without compromising the frills, rich colors and softness you demand for your little one. Check out these eco-friendly and organic ‘must haves’ for your new baby. 1. Robbie Adrian Organic Cotton Fleece and Silk Baby Blankets These luxurious and rich baby blankets are the perfect addition to your nursery. They are super soft, and wonderful for tucking in your little bundle of joy. Made from 100% organic cotton fleece, they feature a natural silk charmeuse ruffle edging. These gorgeous blankets are available in deep colors like Eucalyptus, Raspberry, Chocolate and Natural – so matching them with your existing nursery décor is no problem. Robbie Adrian baby blankets are made in the US and allow parents to get eco-friendly and natural without compromising style, color or quality. 2. Baby Bambu Organic Cotton/Bamboo Onesies It’s important to provide your new baby with the perfect combination of softness, style and comfort. The Baby Bambu organic cotton and bamboo onesies allow you to do this easily, while still caring for our earth. Made from a blend of 70% soft bamboo and 30% organic cotton, these onesies are not only adorable – they’re stylish! With a cute little bamboo panda embroidered on the front and silk-screened washing instructions on the inside, these onesies are great for naptime, playtime or even for a day on the town. These onesies are naturally antimicrobial, hypoallergenic and more than 98% UV protectant. 3. Grow Green Baby Organic Baby Sling This organic cotton baby sling uses no buckles, straps, Velcro or other fasteners and is perfect for keeping your hands free while still cuddling your little bundle of joy. Whether you’re out for a day of shopping or taking care of things around the house, your baby is comfortable and secure – and both of your hands are available. They are designed for babies 35 pounds and under, allowing you to get a lot of use out of this great product. The Grow Green Baby sling comes in 3 different colors and is available in sizes extra small to extra large. 4. B Nature Organic Cotton Baby Booties These adorable booties are 100% organic cotton, stitched to allow your baby’s feet to breathe. They’re perfect for warm days and wrap around your baby’s foot comfortably, staying put – even on the most rambunctious little ones. They’re perfect for boys or girls, and are a neutral ivory featuring bright stitching and embroidery. For parents who want the best for their babies without compromising their environmental responsibility, these products are a great start. Speaking of a great start, there is nothing more natural than welcoming your little one with baby essentials that promote a healthy planet.

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