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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Locavore 1.0 iPhone App

Rejoice, locavores, because there is now an iPhone application just for you! Locavore 1.0, developed by Buster McLeod, is actually a suite of related digital services that promote and simplify the idea of eating mostly local, seasonal foods. The program uses GPS technology to determine the user's location and recommend foods that are currently in season, as well as those that will soon be in season in that area. In addition, Locavore connects users with recipes (from Epicurious) and Wikipedia information on the 234 types of produce in its database, and lets them know where to purchase local produce at the nearest farmers' markets. Locavore 1.0 works on iPhones and the iPod Touch, and can be used anywhere in the United States. The program costs $2.99 for the first 1000 users at the iTunes App store.

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