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Saturday, March 21, 2009

55 Varieties of Organic Veggies in New White House Garden

Michelle Obama, along with a class of local fifth-graders, broke ground on the White House vegetable garden yesterday. A number of individuals and organizations have urged the Obamas to make a difference by planting an organic presidential garden, including the petition based organization, The Who Farm, as well as chef and organic food activist Alice Waters. 
Ms. Waters has requested action from the White House for more than 15 years. Until now, a small rooftop garden during the Clinton administration and Laura Bush's order for organic groceries have been the closest answers to her call. 
The 1,100-square-foot White House Kitchen Garden serves a number of purposes and is the first real veggie garden to grace the White House lawn since Eleanor Roosevelt's victory garden more than half a century ago. At least 55 types of fruits, vegetables, herbs, and berries from the garden will feed the First Family and serve as ingredients for all the meals prepared for White House functions.  A portion of the crops will also supply a nearby soup kitchen.
The White House Garden's primary function, however, is to place a priority on healthy eating habits and to improve the health of America as a nation. The First Lady also stresses how important it is to her that her own family has access to a variety of healthy, locally-grown fruits and vegetables. 
Watch the Ground-Breaking Via YouTube
Send a thank you to our First Family for taking the first steps toward change! Remember to visit the Green Connoisseur for the latest information on environmentally-friendly luxury - and don't miss our upcoming feature on Alice Waters in April.
Image credit: Joyce N. Boghosian/The White House

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