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Friday, March 13, 2009

What is Peace Silk?

In the world of eco-friendly clothing, silk is used to create breathtaking wedding dresses to fashionable shawls to breathable yoga garments. However, you should know an oftentimes hidden truth behind commercial silk that should encourage you to seek out the rare and less readily available option of 'peace silk.' The majority of commercial silk products are created by boiling whole cocoons that are later unraveled onto reels into a single silk strand. The process kills the silkworm found inside just so the silk fibers stay intact and produce a continuous strand. In an effort to keep the population of silkworms flowing, only a couple of moths are allowed to live past their cocoon stage. While it may save time and energy, it is unnecessary to kill the silkworm, as the silk can still be spun like other fibers if the moths are allowed to live. "Vegetarian Silk" The process of creating peace silk greatly differs from most commercial endeavora, as the silkworm is allowed to live out its full life cycle, thus gaining the nickname of "vegetarian silk." Instead of being reeled, the silk undergoes a process of degumming and is then spun in a similar manner as other fibers. The results are the same, if not better. The yarn is flexible, soft, and airy. If you're looking for a product that is warm, peace silk is highly recommended, as it's also known to provide therapeutic comfort. Tussah Peace Silk When browsing eco-friendly fashion sites, you may come across the term, 'Tussah' – also known as wild silk. This method of collecting the silk used in organic clothing involves venturing into the wild to gather cocoons that moths have naturally left behind. Handspun Tussah silk yarn is famously molded into wrist and foot warmers in Europe, perfect for arthritis patients trying to provide T.L.C. to poorly circulated limbs. Examples of Peace Silk Shown: Deborah Lindquist Peace Silk Dress (peace silk and organic cotton lace) (l) ; Dolce & Gabbana Tussah Silk Tank Dress (textured Tussah silk) (r); Unisex Hand-Loomed Wild (Peace) Silk Scarf by Sevya (above) Image Credits: Elegant Roots, Embodies

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