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Saturday, March 7, 2009

Vermont Woods Studios Fine Furniture – Sustainable and Undeniably Creative

Whether you love the taste of a chilled glass of Merlot with dinner or desire an exquisite conversation piece for your next get-together, doesn’t an original, hand-carved work of art sound divine? Consider the Custom Artisan Wine Cabinet by Vermont Woods Studios, which creates fine furniture pieces from sustainable sources. Unique and elegant in every way, an artistic exterior keeps your collection of wines and glasses hidden – a beautiful piece for the home of any wine connoisseur. Crafted in the state of Vermont, sculptors use eco-friendly, natural solid hardwood to create each custom-built piece. As with the majority of pieces offered at Vermont Woods Studios, you can order your customized wine cabinet to include names, dates, and other creative personalization. The base price for this particular piece is $16,800, which includes shipping and a lifetime guarantee. Green Satin Fainting Couch I would love to own this particular piece in my home – not just because green is my favorite color, but because this is such a striking design. I'd just stand there, look at it from a distance, and surely faint if anyone should ever plop down on it. Allow the curves of this magnificent piece to mesmerize you with figured tiger maple or any other wood you desire. And if green isn’t your color – you can choose another…right along with textured fabric of your choice. Base Price: $20,000.00 Custom TV-Media Center - Armoire Imagine storing your entertainment in this eye-catching reproduction of a Louis XIV 18th century-style armoire. Embrace the beauty of historic French furniture, allowing an artisan to add your very own personal appeal. Base Price: $27,500.00 Custom Poker-Game Table Vermont Woods Studios even has something for the luxury poker player with a handcrafted, poker-game table and matching chairs. Collaborate with an artisan to add your own finishing touches, such as elaborate inlays, retractable drink holders, and custom fabric. Just some of the eco-friendly natural woods to consider: oak, walnut, cherry, maple, and mahogany. Base Price: $26,000.00 Other luxury, eco-friendly standouts include: Custom Mahogany Loveseat (l) (BP: $6,500.00); Heart Shaped Valentines Chairs (c) (BP: $2,999.00); Quilted Vermont Rocking Chair (r) (BP: $1,995.00) Interested in any of the above pieces, contact Vermont Woods Studios for a custom quote. Images: Vermont Woods Studios

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Blogger Peggy Farabaugh said...

Hi Yona-
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