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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Handmade Paper Without the Trees: Green Field Paper Company

Alternatives to traditional paper made from trees are becoming an increasingly important part of a green lifestyle. While digital technology has drastically reduced paper consumption, we still can't seem to do without it completely! Tree-free paper is a great choice for invitations, thank you cards, business cards, and all those other must-have paper products. The Green Field Paper Company, based in San Diego, California, creates fine quality paper from garlic, hemp, old junk mail, denim, and more using a timeless handmade paper making process. The tree-free paper is available in an assortment of colors and can be purchased as sheets or in the form of note cards, business cards, journals, or sketch books. Wedding Invitations An eco-friendly wedding wouldn't be too green if it started with traditional invitations. These beautiful, handmade paper invitations are biodegradable and feature earth-friendly soy based ink. Prices begin at $4.50 per 100 invitations, including an assortment of elegant designs. Envelopes are available in hemp, as well as seed embedded paper. Watch Your Cards Grow Green Field's signature product is their seed embedded paper, appropriately named 'Grow-a-Note'. Business cards, thank you notes, and wedding invitations are just the beginning of the possibilities! The handmade, tree-free paper contains a mix of wildflower seeds along with planting instructions. The paper naturally nourishes the soil while a gorgeous array of flowers begin to bloom. Grow-a-Note cards start at $13.95 for 4 and is also available in sheets for $19.95 per package of 5. The Green Field Paper Company also offers a tremendous selection of recycled wrapping paper, printed with soy based ink, and can create custom marketing and promotional materials for your business on any of their specialty tree-free papers. Visit Green Field Paper Company to learn more. Images courtesy of

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