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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Journey Light: Stylish Diaper Bags for Green Parents

With a commitment to keeping the health of your little one, as well as the environment in mind, meet Journey Light and their first line of non-toxic, sustainable parenting gear and lifestyle bags. Catering to stylish moms (and dads), Journey Light products utilize hemp and organic cotton materials to create trendy diaper bags that also double as laptop carriers in some cases. One Small Change ($65) Seed (shown) Fashionable Portability With this 2-in-1 portable changing station and tote, on-the-go parents can easily handle the everyday needs of their newborn or toddler. Comprised of hemp and organic cotton, Journey Light uses low-impact dyes to add earthy oranges, browns, blues, and greens to their products. Compostable cornstarch serves as the basis of the foam pad that provides comfort during changes. Finishing off the total package in eco-friendly diapering is the first non-toxic, water resistant textile finish called NanoSphere, where parents can easily blot small bloopers with towels, and larger accidents are instantly spot washed. Peace of Mind ($140) Earth (shown) Roomy and Stylish With plenty of room, use the inside compartment for a small change or to store your laptop. Measuring 20" wide by 15" high with 15-inch shoulder straps, this selection also offers a roomy zipper pocket and three holders that cater to most water or baby bottles, and sippy cups. Delivering a Message ($120) Sunset (shown) Keeping Dad in Mind Use the generous pockets on the outside to carry essentials or the inside compartment for small changes or to store your laptop when needed. Additional features include three bottle holders, zipper pocket, and adjustable shoulder strap. Measuring 14" wide by 12" high, this tasteful messenger style bag makes the perfect unisex gift for a new dad. Photo Credits: Journey Light

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