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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Eco-Friendly Jewelry: Tips to Add More 'Green' to Your Jewelry Box

Accessories truly are the icing on the cake. Jewelry has the power to bring an entire outfit together and create an attractive, polished look. Whether you’re the kind of individual who enjoys making a simple statement with just one or two pieces, or you prefer a more flashy finish to your daily attire – eco-friendly jewelry can make you feel great about your accessory choices. You’d be surprised to learn that being ‘green’ doesn’t mean you have to compromise one bit when it comes to your bling. Diamonds, Gold and Silver If you’re a fan of diamonds, gold and/or silver - you’ll be delighted to know that you can make choices in jewelry that really make a difference. For instance, Brilliant Earth features stunning diamond, gold, and silver jewelry that not only helps you look amazing – it helps our planet and the animals, plant life, and other people we share the planet with. These diamonds are harvested from Canadian mines which monitor local wildlife and aquatics to ensure that neither is disturbed. Brilliant Earth’s partner companies provide them with recycled gold and silver for their exquisite pieces to reduce ‘dirty’ mining – and all of their diamonds are conflict-free. A portion of profits also goes to help African communities which have suffered due to conflict diamonds. Unique and Vintage Jewelry For those of you who appreciate jewelry that is artistic, unique, and features hints of days gone by – there are many possibilities. KYYOTE is one company bringing eco-friendly choices to individuals who love staying in style as much as they love the planet. KYYOTE uses rescued exotic woods, found objects and items that others would consider ‘trash.’ Once these materials are in the designer’s hands, they are transformed into wearable art for sophisticated tastes. Some of the materials found in KYYOTE pieces include rescued ebony wood, organic and humane feathers, and Bakelite plastic. Natural Jewelry If you enjoy a more natural, untamed look for your accessories – why not choose jewelry that Mother Nature has provided? Eco Artistic Products is a company offering a wide array of accessories created from natural products; exotic wood that has fallen to rain forest floors, coconuts, seeds, and other natural items. From beautiful hair clips and necklaces to beaded bracelets and belts – Eco Artistic Products creates eco-friendly jewelry for the nature-loving spirit. One of the greatest things about Eco Artistic Products is that each and every piece is unique – no two pieces are identical. So, when you wear it, you’re wearing a functional and unique piece of art that no one else will own. Each of these choices is a great one for your jewelry and accessories – and there are thousands of other companies that create eco-friendly and beautiful products which will complete your look and reflect your own personal style and taste. Photos Courtesy of, and

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