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Thursday, March 26, 2009

Recycled Hotel Rooms Create Adventure in 2009 European Capital of Culture

2009 is a year of cultural celebration in Linz, Austria. From art and film festivals to music and theater, the 2009 European Capital of Culture will showcase the city's cultural flair all year with an assortment of special activities. Tourists can completely immerse themselves in the culture of Linz at the Pixel Hotel - a collection of luxurious accommodations scattered throughout the city, each taking advantage of unused properties throughout the town. 
Abandoned industrial warehouses, art galleries, and shopping centers now house chic hotel rooms - each in a different area of Linz, surrounded by an array of restaurants, stores, and cultural destinations.
The Soup Kitchen Pixel
Once the Linz soup kitchen, this design gallery holds some of the world's greatest architecture and offers a second-floor Pixel Hotel room. Modern Eternit tiles adorn this particular guest room while large windows allow plenty of natural light. The king-size bed tucks neatly into the wall to save space with remote control operation for an easy night's rest.
Tugboat Pixel
Those who prefer the water will enjoy the recycled hotel room on the Traisen tugboat. Three of the boat's original cabins have been restored into a spacious suite with a king size bed, television, and wet bar.  
Family Pixel
Right down the hallway from one of the magnificent Linz art galleries, the Pixel in der Textilpassage was created with children in mind. Four levels, separated with floating islands, allow families to relax, play, and sleep. Neverland, the lowest level in this unique pixel, is the perfect hideaway for little ones - with ceilings so low that it's impossible for adults to stand up!
The Pixel Hotel offers 7 extraordinary recycled hotel rooms, including a former cabinet maker's workshop containing most of the original furnishings and a room within an art gallery featuring a king-sized bed designed by the artist (pictured at top). Rates vary, depending on the room you prefer, but start at about $115 per night for singles. The Pixel Hotel also offers several fun packages to help visitors make the most of their cultural visit to Linz.
Images via The Pixel Hotel

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