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Friday, April 10, 2009

Greywater and Other Ways to Bathe Green

You've probably heard of "greywater", the idea that lightly used household water such as bathwater can be reused for purposes like flushing the toilet and watering plants. There are many different ways to use your greywater, from the quickest DIY approach to complex filtering systems you can install yourself and simple but ingenious commercial products like the Sinkpositive water saving sink. Recycled greywater is often filtered and always used in appropriately hygienic situations, but if you just can't get excited about the concept - and if you can't, I'd like to suggest rethinking the word "greywater", which certainly doesn't sound very appealing - why not consider the EcoDrain shower heat exchanger? While this device doesn't actually save water, it does recapture the heat of water going down the drain and transfer the heat to clean water coming into your shower, saving up to 40% of the power that would usually go towards heating your shower.

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