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Friday, April 24, 2009

Mission: Possible and Playful

Mission Playground is serious and fun clothing with a deep eco-conscious vibe, putting a message of revolutionary change on pockets, sleeves, heads, and feet in sustainably created clothing. The design elements, colors, and attention to detail make Mission Playground more than your ordinary fun t shirt company. Began in 2003 with a range of graphic t-shirts with environmental messages, Mark McMahon’s company evolved out of his San Diego garage and into a full fledged line of uniquely printed shirts, pants, bags, and jackets that are sold world wide. Its most famous shirt is a black t with the ubiquitous green car air freshener tree screened on to its front with the words, “Daddy, what does a real forest look like?” Other designs range from cheeky environmental slogans to simple evocations of natural spaces, animals, and plants. To find exactly what you want in your size, go directly to their website. Although the t shirt designs take 70s hip environmentalism into the 21st century, it’s the line of men’s clothing – shirts, jackets, and pants – that offer entire wardrobes of sustainable chic. In the women’s clothes, you can see the soft attention to design as well as linear printed beauty.  Just recently, Mission Playground has added new fabrics, including 100% recycled PET bird’s eye knit with technical attributes, 100% merino wool jersey, 100% organic cotton poplin, and, exclusive to Mission Playground, a MIPAN regen recycled nylon from pre and post consumer waste. While green concerns enter into the production, from source material to work environment to printed message, Mission Playground also gives back by contributing 1% of all sales to S.E.E.D. its own initiative for sustainable environment education and development.

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