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Friday, April 17, 2009

Green Can be Spicy: Eco-Friendly Lingerie

Many women who want to make things a bit spicier and feel a lot sexier enjoy slipping into something a little more ‘comfortable.’ For women who are environmentally conscious, it’s difficult to find something they not only feel comfortable in physically, but comfortable in knowing they aren’t further damaging our planet. Thankfully, several designers are coming to the rescue with eco-friendly lingerie. And if you think this lingerie is boring, think again! Below, you’ll find a few perfect examples of how green can be spicy. Annabel Camisole and Short Set This fun and flirty camisole set is classic and sexy all in one! Made from organic silk trimmed in lace, this sexy lingerie features all the things women love from frills to bows. Created by Enamore Lingerie, this outfit is just one of many eco-friendly and gorgeous ways to feel sexy in the ‘green.’ The Annabel Camisole and Short Set is available at Noblivity for $173. O Girl Cami Sets Another adorable camisole set created by Eberjey is the O Girl Cami. This organic cotton cami is flirty and feminine, featuring soft colors and beautiful ruffles. This is all a girl really needs to feel sexy, beautiful and feminine – and eco-friendly! This cute set is available through Lille Boutique for about $60. Urban Fox Robe Sets These robes don’t only look gorgeous; they are super-soft and feel great on the body. Each piece of lingerie is handmade by Urban Fox, based in St. Louis and Chicago. The organic cotton is died in house and turned into sexy, flirty and stylish lingerie that any environmental goddess can appreciate! This set is available at the designer’s website for $70. Bamboo Dreams Nightie If you want something a little cozier but just as sexy, Dream Sack offers adorable and clinging nighties in six spicy colors. It’s a fun and comfortable lingerie that looks absolutely amazing. Created from luscious-feeling sustainable bamboo, you don’t have to have a guilty conscience to wear this piece! You can get the Bamboo Dreams nightie from the designer’s website for $52. Each of these pieces are perfect for women who are both environmentally aware and comfortable in their own skin.

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Blogger Kristin Joy said...

Eco-friendly lingerie sounds very interesting. I want to get that fun and flirty camisole set.

5/19/2009 07:49:00 AM  
Blogger lingerie said...

I love eco-friendly lingerie...its very fashionable and stylish...


6/12/2009 07:38:00 AM  

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