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Sunday, April 12, 2009

3 Eco-Friendly Charities worth Donating To

Happy Holidays from the Green Connoisseur! Most environmentally conscious individuals give of themselves often to try and make our Earth not only healthier – but a better place as well. During holidays, most people tend to recognize their many blessings – and therefore, give more freely. If you’re considering donating but you’re not sure which charity should receive the goods, you’re in luck. Here’s a look at 3 amazing charities that are most definitely worth donating to. 1. American Forests Founded in 1875 by concerned citizens, American Forests is the oldest environmental charity in existence. This charity works extremely hard to conserve our forests, plant new trees and increase awareness regarding the environment. From planting trees where forest fires have destroyed habitats to creating urban forests – American Forests is doing more than their part. Just one dollar plants a tree when you give to American Forests. Charity Navigator Ranking: 4 Stars! 2. World Wildlife Fund The World Wildlife Fund was created in 1961, and currently works on a global level to protect our Earth. From working to protect our wild animals and plant life to making better use of the resources we have – the World Wildlife Fund is one of the major players when it comes to the ‘green’ movement. Adopt an adorable polar bear, support indigenous communities by purchasing unique art or just give what you can. No matter what choice you make, when you give to World Wildlife Fund, you know you’re giving to a great cause. Charity Navigator Ranking: 4 Stars! 3. Environmental Working Group Sometimes, in order to get change – it is necessary to shake the boat a bit. This is what Environmental Working Group does. While using your dollars to launch extensive research campaigns, EWG brings important information to the public. They also use this information and the public’s knowledge of it to create change – whether it has to do with dangerous pesticides or chemicals in household products or processes being used that severely damage the environment. Support the Kid-Safe Chemicals Act or help in any other way that you can. Charity Navigator Ranking: 4 Stars! While you’re enjoying your holiday and spending time with those who mean the most to you, consider how a small gift from you can go a long way for our planet.

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