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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ting Creations

Who's in the driver's seat when it comes to eco-forward product ideas? Enter TING creations, a company that uses seatbelts to sculpt masterpieces in home décor and on-the-go fashion. With an assortment of colorful hammocks, luxury bags, and decorative pillows, TING turns one of the most common features of your car into sustainable products and accessories with a sleek, clean appeal. Decorate Your Home Woven from reclaimed seatbelts, TING cushions are not only visually intriguing, but also help reduce the amount of waste that millions of discarded, old cars produce each year. Interestingly, there are no zips or seams used in the construction of this cushion, which makes a pretty decent conversation piece amongst family and friends. Offering colors, such as pink, beige, blue, and black, I personally think the floral print cushion is absolutely amazing. Another product of the TING Home collection is this decorative cube (shown in lime), which falls under their line of home and interior accessories. Shown: Camel/Orange ($185); Floral Print On-the-Go Convenience TING Orange Label also produces a collection of luxury bags using seatbelts as a primary material. Tough, attractive, and ultra-durable, TING seatbelt bags offer designed pockets to carry around your precious Ipod, cell phone, and keys. Popular styles include satchels, messenger bags, laptop bags, and totes. Past clients that have enjoyed the TING Orange Label include Sketch Restaurant & Bar, London; Pilsner; and film and television companies, such as Warner Bros. Shown here is the small cosmetic bag, which comes in red, electric blue, turquoise, hot pink, orange, camel, chocolate and black. Relax and Reflect Providing stylish décor for trendy bars, restaurants, boutique hotels, as well as photo shoots, TING's colorful hammocks are increasingly making fashionable guest appearances in homes around the world. During the Spring 2008 International Contemporary Furniture Fair (ICFF) in New York, TING unveiled ideas for upcoming designs for their home collection – I can only imagine what's in store for us. About TING TING is the brainchild of Inghua Ting, who established her company in 2000 after graduating from the Royal College of Art. In Japan, Ting worked on developing fabrics of the future and pushed for innovative ways to embrace sustainability in design. Turning recycled materials into luxury products, Ting gained inspiration from old leather belts, reclaimed seatbelts, vintage leather saddles, tie silks, and salvaged fabrics. The rest is TING history. Today, vegetable tanned leathers and vintage leather belts are transformed into belts, satchels, weekend bags, and wallets of various sizes and shapes. The only left to say is 'bucket up' and enjoy a stylish ride through sustainable design with TING creations. Photo Credits: Ting

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Blogger Samantha Cummings said...

WOW! I love those throw pillows. How cool!

4/18/2009 10:43:00 AM  

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