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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Eco-Friendly HDTV That Knows if You're Watching: Sony KDL-VE5

It happens every day in households across the planet - the television's on, but no one is there to watch it.  Whether the kids get distracted with a game, the telephone rings in another room, or you just simply forget to turn off the set when you walk away, the problem can add up to a lot of wasted energy over the course of time.  Sony has the solution.
The new KDL-VE5 series from Sony offers an energy efficient, high-quality HD display with an added bonus - the set has an integrated presence sensor that turns off the TV for you when you leave the room.
The Features
Available in 3 sizes - 40, 46, and 52 inch models - the Sony KDL-VE5 has a sleek design, an interactive menu system, and most of the features found in other comparable HDTVs on the market today.  The energy-saving presence sensor is what sets this model apart from similar sets.
The sensor, located in the middle of the speaker bar, can be set for 5 minutes, 30, or 60 and detects movement within 10 feet of the TV.  If nothing is sensed within the given time limit, a warning appears on the screen and the television's screen goes dark.  Power consumption drops to about half of full operation during this time.
If the sensor detects motion again, the picture will come back on.  After 30 minutes with no movement in the room, the sound is also cut - dropping power consumption to nearly nothing.  During CNet tests, the Sony KDL-VE5's sensor worked relatively well, although forced movement was required occasionally once the 'TV is about to turn off message' appeared.  Regardless, this sort of feature could provide a drastic improvement in energy use for modern households.
The Sony KDL-VE5 series ranges in price from $1,269 to $1,530 and is available from most authorized Sony dealers.  You can find more information and read the full review at CNet.
 Images: The Pug Father; CNet

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