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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Greening the Computer

A lot of the recent environment and technology news has focused on the new Apple notebooks, which are beautifully designed and more environmentally friendly than most laptops.  Even so, Greenpeace continues to push both Apple and their PC competitors to improve the industry.     In the meantime, if you need a new computer, it’s good to know there are some products we can consider transitional or green-friendly.    Apple’s new Macbooks have significantly less mercury and brominated flame retardants, more recyclable body parts, and less packaging overall. Dell 's Studio Hybrid, is small and uses about 70% less energy than its bigger counterparts. This model offers a case in the one of the most popular green materals, bamboo. Asustek (ASUS) also has a bamboo covered laptop – (shown above, offered around $1800 US) and the company, which has a commitment to environmental technology in all its products, has been honored by the EU for its regular line of laptops.  Two other good green products: First, Canon has a separate brand called Generation Green, which provides consumers with information about the levels of eco-friendliness in their printers, cartridges, and packaging.  Second, a new device debuting in January that is definitely beautiful and green is the Tricklestar, shown above, which is a device that plugs into both the computer and peripheral devices and reduces standby power automatically.  The company’s main goal is to provide products that reduce the environmental impact of technology.


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