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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Cmarchuska: Eco-Friendly Clothing + Charity = A Welcomed Change in Fashion

What do you get when you blend childhood dreams, business savvy, compassion, and zeal for environmentally conscious fashion? A winning combination taking the latest wave of eco-friendly clothing lines to the next level. There's nothing like the tightening grip of economic instability to push you towards your calling in life. Just ask Christine Marchuska – former financial wizard turned luxury 'green' clothing entrepreneur. She left behind a souring Wall Street to successfully mold her personal interests into an ever-evolving company – cmarchuska. With a fresh take on luxury eco-wear, Marchuska brings sustainable, high quality fabrics to life with a commitment to comfort and style. Pieces within the cmarchuska Signature Collection consist of fine organic and recycled materials with a color palette of pristine white, noir black and vert green. When you enter the world of cmarchuska, prepare yourself for:
  • High fashion cuts
  • Flattering pieces that don’t place strain on the environment
  • The flirty 'Samantha' A-line, V-neck sundress
  • Agreeable return policy (but why would you ever want to?)
  • 5% of net proceeds going to charitable organizations
  • Free shipping!
I've been told that the christine dress and hunter scarf have been causing quite a stir…but you must see for yourself! This February, the ECOCOLLECTION/MAGIC fashion trade show held in Las Vegas will unveil the cmarchuska spring/summer 09' line. Can't wait until the show? Order online or visit m.y. boutique in Binghamton, NY and the PILATES room in Ithaca, NY. Featured pieces: Christine dress ($130) 50% cotton, 50% modal fabric Recycled Italian polyester buttons Hunter scarf ($50) Organic blend of modal and silk

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Blogger Mia said...

Cmarchuska designs are definitely feminine and flattering. They have become a staple in my closet and my "go to" pieces for every fashion emergency. It’s obvious that Christine has put a lot of thought into her line and its versatility. I love how I can dress my Cmarchuska clothes up or down for any occasion – a day of shopping in SoHo or a fabulous dinner at a 5 star restaurant in NYC. You can often find me pulling a Kiva tee over my head and pairing it with jeans & flats during the day or dressing this sexy v-neck up at night with a pair of black skinny jeans and heels. The Hunter Scarf is a huge hit among my girl and guy friends too. I can't wait until the spring collection comes out!

12/29/2008 11:29:00 AM  

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