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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Eco Drive - Solar Powered Watches with Class

Citizen Eco-Drive watches have taken solar powered watches to an entirely new level.  The clunky and often childish solar watches of the 70's and 80's have been transformed into the sleek and elegant timepieces we expect from Citizen - without ever needing a battery and delivering the same precision and quality.
The Eco-Drive Technology 
Rather than chemical-laden batteries, Citizen Eco-Drive watches convert natural sunlight, as well as artificial light, into energy that is stored in a small energy cell.  A thin silicon solar panel captures the light and converts it into energy.  Both the solar panel and the energy cell are designed to last a lifetime.
The variety of watch styles available makes the Eco-Drive an appealing choice for green lifestyles.  From casual, sports watches to diamonds and Swarovski crystals, Citizen offers something for every taste and every occasion.  
The Eco-Drive Collection 
Ranging in price from $100 to $900, there are plenty of options if you're in the market for a new eco-friendly watch.  The Stiletto (pictured in the center) is the world's thinnest solar powered watch while the Eco-Drive watch on the left is lightweight and rugged, not to mention quite affordable at just $135 suggested retail.  On the right, the Aqualand logs details for up to 20 dives and reads depth to 300 feet without ever needing a battery.  
Titanium casing, mother of pearl dials, and a variety of crystals and band styles are available as well.  Visit Citizen Eco-Drive Watches for more information and a list of authorized retailers.
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