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Monday, April 27, 2009

Naturally Bamboo: Inside the Eco-Friendly Clothing Company

It’s no secret that bamboo is one of the most sustainable fibers in existence, making it a perfect material for eco-friendly clothing. One of the greatest things about bamboo clothing is the silky soft texture it possesses, and the versatility the material provides. A rainbow of colors awaits you at Naturally Bamboo, an eco-friendly clothing company bringing luxury to your green wardrobe. Naturally Bamboo Helps Stop the Exploitation of Clothing Workers Unfortunately, the majority of clothing companies carry a dreadful secret. The individuals responsible for making the clothing earn as low as 13 cents an hour. This includes the major brands that have become so popular by ‘saving people money.’ Naturally Bamboo obtains clothing from factories which participate in fair labor laws, do not condone child labor, and offer more than competitive pay for the workers. In fact, the workers who provide Naturally Bamboo’s clothing make on average $2 to $3 more per hour than what is considered ‘normal’ for the area. Naturally Bamboo Takes Environmental Responsibility Seriously Not only are the fibers found in this company’s clothing sustainable, but the entire process is performed in order to create the least possible negative impact on the earth. For instance, the dyes used for creating the beautiful colors of clothing contain no heavy metals, no chlorine, and no dangerous chemicals. Not just the clothing is considered, though. This company uses a high fiber recycled packaging material and 100% recycled paper with soy based ink for paper materials. Shirts are also printed with vegetable or water based ink. Naturally Bamboo Brings Gorgeous Luxury to Eco-Friendly Casual Clothing Although the clothing found at Naturally Bamboo are casual for the most part, there is an element of luxury found in the beautifully rich colors and fabrics. From casual and beautiful cling dresses for women to attractive polo shirts for men and many different accessories – Naturally Bamboo has something for everyone in the family. The Spring/Summer collection 2009 features a few great steals, including: The Stillwater Tank which is 66% bamboo and 26% organic cotton. This adorable sleeveless blouse is versatile enough to wear with jeans for a summer picnic or with a sleek skirt and heels for a night on the town. It’s available for only $38, too! The Stillwater Tank is shown above left in ‘brick.’ The Vermillion V-Neck is a perfect spring day accessory for your favorite jeans. It features 66% bamboo and 26% organic cotton, with a soft, silky texture you will feel great in. This V-Neck is available for only $42. The Vermillion V-Neck is shown at right in 'brick' also. Naturally Bamboo will be attending the Living Green Expo on May 2nd and 3rd this year at the Minnesota State Fair Grounds if you’d like to get to know more about them – and you can also visit their website and pick up a few great accessories for your eco-friendly wardrobe.

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