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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lipton Tea Creates Sustainability Goals

Few things are better than a bit of tea - whether it's hot with honey or poured over ice in a glass. Realizing that sustainability when sourcing tea is important, Lipton has created a goal to have all yellow label tea bags sourced from 'Rainforest Alliance Certified' tea estates by 2015. They've made a promise to look at the social, economical and environmental aspects of sourcing tea so that they can ensure maximum sustainability! Environmental Impact Sustainable agriculture is one of the things Lipton will be focused on - growing their teas without harming the environment around them. Plantations are the best option, and by working closely with local communities, Lipton plans to take an active role in sustainable agriculture. Sourcing the tea from sustainably managed estates, Lipton will be protecting wildlife habitats, conserving water and ensuring healthy soils. Economical and Social Impact Many communities rely on tea plantations to provide them with work - farming and plucking. Lipton seeks to improve the quality of life for these workers, by 'increasing access to housing, medical aid and education for tea-growing families.' Safe working conditions and fair pay will also be high on Lipton's list of goals to achieve. Soon, all yellow label Lipton tea products will come with the Rainforest Alliance Certified badge, so when you see that little frog, you can feel great about your purchase with Lipton. The Rainforest Alliance The Rainforest Alliance works with companies and communities to ensure sustainable livelihoods by educating and developing practices that coincide with a better environment and social situation. Taken from the website: "Companies, cooperatives and landowners that participate in our programs meet rigorous standards that conserve biodiversity and provide sustainable livelihoods." The Rainforest Alliance is working in more than 60 countries to show local communities, governments, workers, land owners and scientists how to develop sustainable ways of working the land - so that there is profit without the huge environmental impact and harm. The Rainforest Alliance has an impressive Board of Directors list, including Mary Stuart Masterson, who played Idgie Threadgoode in the movie 'Fried Green Tomatoes.' This is a great move for Lipton, who has been a favorite company among tea drinkers for a long time! Image Credits:, House of Sims' on Flickr

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