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Friday, November 13, 2009

Marley Coffee Wants You to Stir It Up

Three Little Birds told me, 'Don't Worry, Be Happy, The Sun is Shining and Everything's Gonna Be Alright. While Jammin to whatever beat you follow, Marley Coffee wants you to Get Up, Stand Up and Stir It Up with a variety of organic, eco-conscious, people-conscious coffee. The unforgettable reggae musician Bob Marley is known for touching the world with his words and creativity, but what many people are unaware of – he also harbored a keen interest in farming. Today, one of Marley's sons, Rohan (with friend Shane Whittle) has successfully joined the ranks as a valued and influential manufacturer of international gourmet coffee. Inspired by memories of his grandmother drying wild coffee berries in the sun to roast her own cups of coffee, Rohan Marley wishes to share the same richness and smooth flavor in Marley Coffee. After gaining the approval of the Jamaican Coffee Industry Board (CIB) to transform their private reserve beans into magical brews, Marley Coffee proudly produces shade-grown coffee blends – all certified organic by the USDA and the Pacific Agricultural Certification Society of Canada (PACS). With offices in Vancouver, Los Angeles and Jamaica, the Marley Coffee private estate (located atop the Blue Mountains in Chepstowe, Portland Jamaica) may soon share some of the most sought-after coffee beans in the world with your local grocer. For now, select locations and an online store offer the coffees. In the future, the family hopes to market other Marley-inspired foods and drinks, including grilling sauces, teas, wine, and jellies. An Earth-Conscious Company Marley Coffee is not only organic, but is also shade-grown on bio-diverse land without the help of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides or any other additives. Grown at an elevation of more than 3000 feet, rainforest-preserving shade trees protect the coffee. By embracing organic farming practices, the overall Marley Coffee process involves healthier soil and decreased water contamination, which also contributes to the preservation of the planet, including habitat for migratory birds. Marley Coffee also sets an example for the ethical treatment of farm workers by paying twice the average wage and providing safe working conditions. It is a company belief that "ethical coffee tastes better." Marley Coffee Flavors
  • Simmer Down (Organic Swiss Water Decaf): a mixture of cocoa, nutmeg and West Indian spices.
  • Lively Up! (Organic 5-Bean Espresso Blends): imagine a blend of cocoa, caramel and candied fruits.
  • One Love (Organic Ethiopian Yirgacheffe): hints of blueberry, cocoa and spice with a cherry finish
  • Mystic Morning (Organic Wakeup Coffee): explore cocoa, spice, cedar, cinnamon and cooked pumpkin
  • Jammin Java (Organic Bold Full-City Roast): hints of dark chocolate berries with earthy overtones
Giving Back Marley Coffee takes a vested interest in elevating the health and happiness of the workers that contribute to producing their exceptionally aromatic, robust products. The Marley Coffee Foundation not only donates a percentage of all Marley Coffee product sales to improving living conditions and opportunities, but also establishes soccer fields and soccer camps for the children of coffee-producing communities. Interested in tasting a legacy? Some lucky coffee drinkers can easily step into their local shops for instant Marley Coffee gratification, but others must make do by ordering their coffee online. Image Credits: Marley Coffee

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