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Monday, November 16, 2009

Pre-Owned Cars Get Green Makeovers at Evcarco

Evcarco is making it easy to drive green, whether you're searching for an eco-friendly preowned car or in the market for the sleek and exotic, near-zero emissions Scorpion.  Evcarco dealerships will soon be open across the nation with a selection of preowned hybrids, electric vehicles, and upgraded traditional cars in addition to the luxury hydrogen fueled Scorpion.  The first of these green car dealerships is already serving the public in Fort Worth, Texas, with plans to open 20 more over the next 2 to 4 years.
About Evcarco
Partnered with Texas-based Ronn Motor Company, Evcarco is the new face in eco-friendly car sales.  The company is dedicated to providing consumers with the best selection of green vehicles and will offer the new high-end Scorpion from Ronn Motors in addition to its preowned inventory.  
The dealerships will offer convenient financing solutions, warranties, and the ability to shop online.  Shipping is available if a local Evcarco dealership isn't available in your area and franchise opportunities are also an option if you're interested in opening your own Evcarco dealership.  
Green Driving Options
At Evcarco, you'll find typical eco-friendly vehicle models - including hybrid Accords, the award-winning Prius, and electric commuter cars like the Wheego Whip.  You'll also see a few surprises in the showroom, all equipped with the RMC H2GO hydrogen injection system.  
The H2GO system is the technology used in the near-zero emissions Scorpion and has proven its effectiveness with reduced emissions and improved gas mileage in big rig fleets in Texas.  The system will be installed in all non-eco cars sold by Evcarco to ensure a truly green alternative for drivers.  
Drive Green with Evcarco
Currently, you can shop Evcarco of Fort Worth's inventory online by make, model, car type, color, price range, or fuel efficiency or visit the dealership in person at 7703 Sand Street.  Additional Evcarco dealerships are coming soon in Texas, California, Oklahoma, Georgia, Nevada, and Florida with plans for more locations in the future.
Visit Evcarco's website for more information on buying a green preowned car or for investment and franchise opportunities.  Visit Ronn Motor Company for details on the Scorpion and H2GO system.  
Images by RMC and Evcarco

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