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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Creating a Luxurious Shabby Chic Room with Vintage Pieces

Shabby-chic is a beautiful style that combines old and new to create a unique feel and look. Fancy chandeliers dripping with crystals might be paired with an old shelf that has lost most of its paint. Vintage fabrics might be tucked inside an old guitar case. The overall effect is gorgeous, but to get there, one needs the right pieces. Below, we'll discuss how to create a beautiful shabby chic room with vintage elements. In the shabby-chic room above, the eye is immediately drawn to the beautiful old chandelier hanging above the distressed dining room table. What a perfect place to start when shopping for pieces for your room? Vintage chandeliers come in many different styles and varieties, so take your time when shopping. I found a great little shop called Heavenly Lights that carries a wide variety of vintage chandeliers. Check out this beautiful vintage chandelier with scrolling arms. (above) This would set a really great mood for any room, and it's absolutely loaded with glistening amber crystals. You can check online for vintage chandeliers, but many individuals who adore shabby-chic items love to find treasures at flea markets and garage sales as well. This second photo of a shabby-chic room features antique art that is bold and beautiful. The antique chairs are dressed with frilly cushion covers and the shelf to the left is stacked with vintage dishes. I think it's safe to say that the most compelling piece in the photo is the chunky, distressed dining room table - it's both charming and functional. When shopping for vintage furniture for a shabby-chic room, anything goes! If it would be functional in your room and you think it's beautiful - nevermind the chipping paint, the nicks and the scratches because it will work. This beautiful hardwood plank table is available from Antiques Furniture Online - and there are many other treasures to be found there as well! In the vintage room above, the elements that really bring warmth and pops of color to the room are the pillows and covered cushions. Vintage fabrics can be used to make drapes, pillows and other elements that really warm a shabby-chic room and make it cozy. As an alternative, one can buy vintage cushions, pillows and drapes. The beautiful and rich pillows above, available from spanishangels on Etsy, are made with vintage fabric from Spain. The gold and crimson colors would be the perfect warmth to add to a shabby-chic room. You should also consider vintage embroidered table linens, quilts and throws to add warmth and color. It's easy to create a charming and attractive shabby-chic room with vintage treasures. Remember that it's also eco-friendly and you should buy vintage whenever possible. Photo Credits: www.workingwoman',,,, and spanishangels on Etsy.

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