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Monday, December 7, 2009

Recycling Paper & Christmas Crafts

Yesterday, we gave you some great tips on eco-friendly holiday decor and today we'd like to follow up on that with tips on recycling paper and Christmas crafts. These are some really fun things to do with the kids this Christmas, and before long you'll find yourself walking through a luxurious, beautiful winter wonderland! Creating a Christmas Paper Chain You might remember this craft from elementary school, but it's a fun one to share with the kids or use to create some charming holiday decor. The trick is to use paper that would otherwise be destined for the trash - old Christmas cards, stationary, or even paper shopping bags. Using different patterns and colors will create beautiful paper chains that you can hang on the tree, run along the mantel or something else. Making Paper Snowflakes This is a fun craft that I do with my kids - partially because it's the only way we're going to have snow for Christmas and also because it's fun! You can get some very intricate designs to create paper snowflakes that are frame-worthy! Dave's Paper Snowflakes is a great site to get patterns from - they're beautiful and festive. You can use recycled paper plates, wrapping paper and more to create these. Then, brush them with some glue and sprinkle on silver glitter to set them shining! Making Paper Bows for Gifts This is an incredible way to use up old paper that would otherwise be thrown away, and you can also make your gifts look really festive. Simply follow these instructions for cutting, folding and gluing strips of pretty paper for making bows. Paper bows are so pretty, they can also be used for decorations on the Christmas tree, or for centerpiece additions as well! Use your imagination when creating these beautiful bows, and you're sure to find the perfect spot for them. The tips above are perfect crafts to do with the kids. They'll enjoy being part of the Christmas decorating, and you can use up that old beautiful paper that you would normally throw away. Let's work together to make this the greenest Christmas ever! Photo Credits: Greg McElhatton on Flickr,

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