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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Introducing the First Eco-Luxe Neck Pillow

In an effort to place a dent in the $50 billion-per-year industry aimed at easing symptoms associated with neck and back pain, Dr. Raymond Hall (Hall Innovations) has created a luxury, therapeutic neck pillow fashioned out of eco-friendly materials. The Pillo1 is the first eco-luxe neck pillow to offer high-tech therapy that additionally addresses sustainability issues. Comprised of soy-based foam and Talalay latex, the Pillo1 undergoes a solvent-free production process. Thanks to 'Bell Core Technology,' the Pillo1 provides a restful night with a variety of sleeping positions. Users can choose varying levels of support, including firmness to sustain your neck during back sleeping. With a bio-foam core inserted into one side of the rounded, centralized neck piece and additional memory-latex blended foam, users can easily achieve maximum comfort. For a softer sleeping experience, the opposite neck curve (sans 'Bell-Core') supplies support that relieves pressure. About Tatalay Latex When shopping for your next pillow, chances are you're not looking for one made out of an environmentally friendly, quality latex foam. Healthy and breathable, Tatalay latex is interestingly comprised of naturally derived and renewable materials that come from the milk of the rubber tree. During the production process, Hall Innovations reduces its 'carbon footprint' by embracing recyclable materials, biodegradable ingredients, renewable resources and earth-conscious processes. After manufacturing, Tatalay latex is able to provide up to 33 times more pressure relief than competing foam pillows on the market. Pillow Highlights
  • The Pillo1 encourages users to sleep on their back or side for less stress on the head and neck, improved circulation and spinal alignment, and lessened pressure on internal organs.
  • Available in two adult sizes, the Pillo1 fits adults under 6 feet tall (Standard), and adults 6 feet tall+ (Large). Look for the Children's size and Travel Pillo1 in the near future.
  • The eco-friendly latex of the Pillo1 is naturally hypoallergenic, anti-microbial, and resistant to dust mites.
  • The Tatalay latex undergoes a 5-stage washing process to remove any water-soluble proteins typically linked to allergies.
  • The ecoluxe neck pillow comes with a handmade, custom-designed, fitted case for added protection.
  • Hall Innovations, LLC is a family owned and operated company managed by Dr. Raymond Hall, who hopes to one day establish the Pillo1 Foundation, where a percentage of profits goes to benefit charities and research that concentrate on healing and health.
  • The Pillo1 is handcrafted in America.
The Inventor – Dr. Raymond Hall The first ecoluxe neck pillow comes courtesy of Dr. Raymond Hall – fueled by a desire to treat patients with a high-end healing process that respects the environment. After exploring and researching the ins and outs of bedding, the esteemed chiropractor learned that the modern pillow simply doesn’t allow sleepers to protect and nurture their body parts. How many times have consumers spent thousands of dollars on the latest mattresses, but overlooked the quality of their fluffy pillow? With the Pillo1, users protect their neck regardless of sleeping on their back or side – the therapeutic benefits paired with soft, luxurious materials create healing, rejuvenating sleep fit for a king or queen. Photo Credits: Pillo1

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