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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Fashion for a Good Cause: Let It Bee Jewelry

Following a September 2009 launch at the Eco-Luxe Expo in New York City, Let It Bee Jewelry is still generating a buzz as an eco-conscious luxury company with a purpose. Let It Bee Jewelry founder and creative designer, Meg Bryson, has made a commitment to elevate awareness of an environmental issue threatening the existence of honey bees – who play an often overlooked, integral role in our world. Sadly, one of the planet's busiest little workers faces an uncertain future. Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) involves the disappearance of worker bees from their hives, which leads to the downfall of their colonies. The issue is much larger than the possible extinction of bees because the 'disorder' jeopardizes the pollination of agriculture and significantly affects the food-supply chain. Currently, Let It Bee Jewelry contributes 5% of proceeds to a Penn State research group devoted to investigating the plight of honey bees all over the world. With eye-catching creations paying homage to the industrious insect, the goal of Let It Bee Jewelry is simple – spread the word and actively participate in finding a solution. Bryson, formerly of Elle jewelry, is presently more focused on using her jewelry designs to draw attention to the wave of collapsing bee colonies than dominating the high-end market. Upon request, fine pieces are available, and Bryson has also expressed interest in working with other eco-friendly companies, such as the Green Connoisseur. Hand-painted ceramic beads, sterling silver, and acrylic are used for producing two striking collections of necklaces, bracelets and earrings: the Honey Bee Line and the Colony Culture Collection. A few pieces straight out the Let It Bee honey pot include: Honey Bee Signature Bracelet – Stretch bracelet features dangling bee charm with striking hand-painted ceramic beads. Apiary Bracelet and Earrings – A collection of natural and acrylic stones coupled with signature bee charm. Clover Honey Bracelet – Warm, neutral-colored stone blended with hand-painted ceramic beads, presented in a stretch-style bracelet. Colony Necklace – Silver links and bees accent this natural and stone bead creation. Sunflower Necklace – Brighten up your day with a bee-kissed, ceramic sunflower hanging on a 20-inch rope and beaded chain. Image Credits: Let It Bee Jewelry

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