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Monday, November 23, 2009

8 Sustainable, Earth-Friendly Holiday Ideas

With Thanksgiving celebrations in the making and Christmas feasts just around the corner, we'd like to spread the word on just how easy it is to combine sustainable, earth-friendliness with holiday cheer. From organic turkeys to green utensils, why don't you consider incorporating a greener outlook regarding this year's festivities. 1) Organic Cooking Ingredients Whether you're baking a pie with Farmer’s Market Organic pumpkin filling or using Wholly Wholesome’s Organic Whole Wheat pie shells, organic cooking ingredients provide an array of healthier dietary choices. If you like cooking from scratch, don't forget to choose organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables to create your sweet treat masterpieces and side dishes. 2) Set the Mood with Recycled Goods Recycled goods not only provide interesting pieces of décor at the dining table, but also encourage unique conversation amongst family and friends. At VivaTerra, this Birds on Branch Tealight Holder uses recycled metal with inviting leaf and stem features. Another eye-catcher is the carved wooden work of art (shown) called the Root of the Earth Wine Caddy. 3) Freshen Up with Flowers The sweet scent of fresh organic flowers adds color and delight to a holiday get-together with eco-bouquets and elaborate centerpieces. A few choices in fresh flower delivery include EcoFlora (in Toronto) or the popular Organic Bouquet, which offers Autumn Sunset Lilies, Autumn Grains Wreaths, and the Santa's Rose Bouquet. 4) Organic Wines and Liquors From the certified biodynamic wines of Frey Vineyards to the green beers of New Belgium Brewing, it's easy to serve organic and eco-friendly alcoholic beverages during the holidays. Choose wines with real cork stoppers over plastic versions, as trees are not lost in the manufacturing of cork. No need to stock up on bottled water, whose plastic containers wreak havoc in landfills. Invest in a decent water filter and freshen the taste with fresh lemons. 5) Green Utensils Each year, nearly 100 billion plastic, paper and Styrofoam plates and cups are disposed of in the United States – sending petroleum-based plastics, hazardous foam or chlorine-bleached paper to harm the environment. Don't become part of the problem – use green utensils. Some options include biodegradable, compostable spoons, forks and knives made out of corn, rice, sugarcane, and even potatoes. For example, ultra green goods offer tree-free sugarcane paper products that biodegrade or compost in 60-90 days, and cornstarch cups and utensils that biodegrade or compost in 150 days. Other green utensil companies include:
  • Nature Friendly Products – Made from proprietary biodegradable resin.
  • Biocorp – Manufactures cellulose fiber/limestone products
  • VEGWARE US Inc. – Responsible for Plastarch (PSM), a thermoplastic resin made from natural starch.
6) Organic Tablecloth Dress your table in striking organic table linens. At Rawganique, choose from their organic linen and organic hemp collection that offers an array of colors, including Russett Orange, Olive, Indigo, and Ivory. Made in Europe from organic European hemp or linen, there are 18 different sizes to consider – all with matching table accessories, such as runners, place mats, napkins, and tea towels. 7) Bamboo Bowls and Plates When serving your infamous stuffing or jellied cranberry sauce, embrace the beauty and natural allure or bamboo bowls and plates – crafted from sustainable materials. With a range of colors and styles, you're sure to find items to match your personal style and home décor. 8) Pass on the Plastic Wrap After you've devoured your Thanksgiving meal, it's time to wrap your leftovers with care. The majority of plastic wraps on the market contain PVC – notorious for clogging landfills and threatening the environment. Use reusable leftover containers to keep food safe or reach for the aluminum foil, which unbeknownst to many – is completely recyclable! Image Credits: VivaTerra, ultra green, Wholly Wholesome,

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