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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Plan Toys: Eco-Friendly, Safe Toys for Kids

If you're a parent, then you know having kids and buying toys go hand in hand. However, it can be extremely difficult these days to find toys that are safe for your child to play with - let alone great for the environment. Allow me to introduce you to Plan Toys, a company making toys that meet those requirements and more. Safe for Your Kids to Play With Whether your child is at that age where he or she wants to gnaw on everything in sight or not - you don't want to put anything in his or her hands that is going to hurt them. Plan Toys are made from rubber wood that has never been treated with chemicals. The glue is non-formaldehyde and the paint is water based, so you can feel safe about your child playing with Plan Toys. Started in 1981, Plan Toys has been working steadily since that time to make their products safer for children to play with! Better for the Environment Rubber trees are the world's primary source of natural rubber. After a certain amount of time, the latex yield decreases significantly and the trees are usually cut down and burned. Plan Toys makes their products from Rubber trees that no longer make latex, so rather than being burned and wasted, there is a purpose for that beautiful wood. There is no deforestation when the trees are harvested, as new ones are planted. Using this sustainable wood isn't the only green thing Plan Toys does, though. They work with local communities to ensure fair wages, and they provide many spots within the company for disabled workers to earn a wage. Inspiring Creativity Plan Toys are exciting, but not because they blink twelve different colors and make funny noises - because they don't. Rather, they are a blank canvas with which your child can use his or her imagination to paint countless gorgeous scenes. Whether your child is playing with the Plan Toys dollhouse, city, or an animal - they're creating the fun with their own imagination. Plan Toys are just along for the ride. This really inspires your child to be creative and have a lot of fun! Next time you go shopping for the wonderful child in your life, get them something that inspires creativity, never threatens their health and that is great for the earth! Consider Plan Toys.

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